Catalogue NumberAlbum TitleArtist
ARILP 001Dub Me Crazy PT. 1Mad Professor
ARILP 002A Slice Of English ToastRanking Ann
ARILP 003Beyond The Realms Of Dub (DUB ME CRAZY PT. 2)Mad Professor
ARILP 004Genital ZoneVarious Artists
ARILP 005The African Connection (DUB ME CRAZY PT. 3)Mad Professor
ARILP 006Judgement DaySgt. Pepper
ARILP 007Yard StyleJohnny Clarke
ARILP 008Punky Reggae PartyAnti Social Workers
ARILP 009African RebelTony Benjamin & The Sane Inmates
ARILP 010Something Fishy Going OnRanking Ann
ARILP 011Escape To The Asylum of Dub (DUB ME CRAZY PT. 4)Mad Professor
ARILP 012The Ariwa PosseVarious Artists
ARILP 013TaugenixeReggae Ron
ARILP 014The Early SessionsVarious Artists
ARILP 015The Wild BunchThe Wild Bunch
ARILP 016Strictly AutomaticElectric Robotik Orchestra
ARILP 017A Breath Of Fresh AirMother Nature
ARILP 018Facing The FightPeter Culture
ARILP 019Man And MachineThe Robotiks
ARILP 020Jah Shaka Meets Mad Professor At Ariwa StudioJah Shaka & Mad Professor
ARILP 021Who Knows The Secret Of The Master Tape (DUB ME CRAZY PT. 5)Mad Professor
ARILP 022Give ThanksJohnny Clarke
ARILP 023Mad Professor Captures Pato BantonPato Banton & Mad Professor
ARILP 024Feminine GenderRanking Ann
ARILP 025A Taste Of Caribbean TechnologyMad Professor
ARILP 026Country LifeSandra Cross
ARILP 027My Computer's Acting StrangeThe Robotiks
ARILP 028Sign Of The TimesMacka B
ARILP 029High PriestessAisha
ARILP 030Schizophrenic Dub (DUB ME CRAZY PT. 6)Mad Professor
ARILP 031Stepping In Dubwise CountrySandra Cross & The Wild Bunch
ARILP 032We've Had EnoughMacka B
ARILP 033Adventures Of A Dub Sampler (DUB ME CRAZY PT. 7)Mad Professor
ARILP 034Comet In The SkySandra Cross
ARILP 035Experiments Of The Aural Kind (DUB ME CRAZY PT. 8)Mad Professor
ARILP 036Time Running OutKendell Smith
ARILP 037Bowled OverJohn McLean
ARILP 038Looks Are DeceivingMacka B
ARILP 039Roots DaughtersVarious Artists
ARILP 040Breaking The Barriers With Sound Vol. One
ARILP 041Jungle WarriorBlack Steel
ARILP 042Black... With SugarKofi
ARILP 043RecapturedPato Banton
ARILP 044Breaking The Barriers II (Rubbing The Wallpaper)Various Artists
ARILP 045Science And The Witchdoctor (DUB ME CRAZY PT. 9)Mad Professor
ARILP 046Breaking The Barriers III (VVinyl Maniax)Various Artists
ARILP 047Foundation Of LoveSandra Cross
ARILP 048Buppie CultureMacka B
ARILP 049Adam’s Rib (Roots Daughters PT. 2)Various Artists
ARILP 050Ariwa Hits Of ’89Various Artists
ARILP 051Mad Professor Meets Mafia & FluxyMad Professor meets Mafia & Fluxy
ARILP 052Got To Find A Way / WhyLorna Gee
ARILP 053DJ ChoiceVarious Artists
ARILP 054Mystic WarriorLee "Scratch" Perry
ARILP 055Mystic Warrior DubLee "Scratch" Perry & Mad Professor
ARILP 056Crucial ViewCrucial Robbie
ARILP 057Psychedelic Dub (DUB ME CRAZY PT. 10)Mad Professor
ARILP 058Natural SuntanMacka B
ARILP 059Letter From JailKing Pin
ARILP 060Code Of PracticePapa Levi
ARILP 061This Is Lovers PT. 1Various Artists
ARILP 062Hipamuffin DubMad Professor
ARILP 063Love And LifeIntense
ARILP 064Friday's ChildKofi
ARILP 065Hijacked To Jamaica (DUB ME CRAZY PT. 11)Mad Professor
ARILP 066This Is Sandra CrossSandra Cross
ARILP 06712th Anniversary AlbumVarious Artists
ARILP 068Peace CupMacka B
ARILP 069This Is Lovers PT. 2Various Artists
ARILP 070PopulateSister Audrey
ARILP 071True Born AfricanU-Roy
ARILP 072God Of LoveKing Pin
ARILP 073True Born African DubU-Roy
ARILP 074Babylon WallsEarl 16
ARILP 075Dub Maniacs On The Rampage (DUB ME CRAZY PT. 12)Mad Professor
ARILP 076Thrill Dem With ItThrilla Jenna
ARILP 077The Other Side Of LoveCarroll Thompson
ARILP 078Jamaica, No Problem ?Macka B
ARILP 079This Is Lovers PT. 3Various Artists
ARILP 080Soulful ReggaeSusan Cadogan
ARILP 081Work So HardNolan Irie
ARILP 082Roots Ragga (LIVE)Macka B
ARILP 083Yabby You Meets Mad Professor & Black Steel At AriwaYabby You
ARILP 084True RootsAisha
ARILP 085Smile A WhileU-Roy
ARILP 086Ragga RevolutionVarious Artists
ARILP 087The Lost Scrolls Of MosesMad Professor
ARILP 088Here Comes TroubleMacka B
ARILP 089Roots Daughters PT. 3Various Artists
ARILP 090Lovers DelightVarious Artists
ARILP 091Rebel On A Roots CornerTippa Irie
ARILP 092Wishing WellKofi
ARILP 093HeritagePrincess Sharifa
ARILP 094Push Me To WarTucker Rainbow
ARILP 095Black Liberation Dub (Chapter 1)Mad Professor
ARILP 096100% Lovers RockSandra Cross
ARILP 097Good VibrationsShaloma
ARILP 098DiscriminationMacka B
ARILP 099Pan In DubPanafricanist
ARILP 100Anti-Racist Dub Broadcast (Black Liberation Dub Chapter 2)Mad Professor
ARILP 101Mr GovernmentPeter Hunningale
ARILP 102Cease Fire With Dego RanksJohn McLean
ARILP 103Back To BasicsPapa Levi
ARILP 104Men Are Lovers TooJohn McLean
ARILP 105The Ultimate Experience In Dub (It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Professor)Mad Professor
ARILP 106Life Is For LivingHorace Andy
ARILP 107Fast Forward To AfricaRanking Joe
ARILP 108Hold On To Your CultureMacka B
ARILP 109The Jungle Dub Experience (Jungle Mixes)Mazaruni
ARILP 110The Evolution Of Dub (Black Liberation Dub Chapter 3)Mad Professor
ARILP 111Rupununi Safari (Steaming Jungle - Jungle Dub Experience)Mad Professor
ARILP 112Super Ape Inna Jungle (Jungle Mixes)Lee "Scratch" Perry
ARILP 113Belly Of The BeastBenjamin Zephaniah
ARILP 114Black Ark ExperrymentsLee "Scratch" Perry
ARILP 115Experryments At The Grass Roots Of DubLee "Scratch" Perry
ARILP 116New Decade Of DubJah Shaka
ARILP 117Golden Age Of Roots
ARILP 118Roots & CultureMacka B
ARILP 119This Is Lovers PT. 4Various Artists
ARILP 120Love For All SeasonsJ.C. Lodge
ARILP 121Under The Spell Of Dub (Black Liberation Dub Chapter 4)Mad Professor
ARILP 122Ariwa Tokyo Showcase (LIVE)Various Artists
ARILP 123Lion In The JungleBlack Steel
ARILP 124Dub You Crazy With LoveMad Professor
ARILP 125Roots And BranchesHorace Andy
ARILP 12621ST Century VersionDennis Alcapone
ARILP 127Living In The CityDennis Nolan
ARILP 128Live Again!! / Roots Ragga 2Macka B
ARILP 129Babylon Kingdom Must FallU-Roy
ARILP 130Who Put The Voodoo ‘Pon ReggaeLee "Scratch" Perry
ARILP 131Dub Take The Voodoo Out Of ReggaeLee "Scratch" Perry
ARILP 132Dub You Crazy With Love (Volume 2)Mad Professor
ARILP 133FeelingsVenus
ARILP 134Dub FireLee "Scratch" Perry
ARILP 135Fire In DubLee "Scratch" Perry
ARILP 136Friends And Lovers (This Is Lovers PT. 5)Various Artists
ARILP 137Journey Into Trip Hop DubMidnite Trippers
ARILP 138SuspiciousMacka B
ARILP 139Besides Every Great Man (Roots Daughters PT. 4)Various Artists
ARILP 140Mad About Lovers RockVarious Artists
ARILP 141Check Out The Message
ARILP 142Conscious WomanSister Audrey
ARILP 143Ghetto Youth’s LivityChukki Starr
ARILP 144RootsmanMichael Prophet
ARILP 145Afrocentric Dub (Black Liberation Dub Chapter 5)Mad Professor
ARILP 146Revolutionary Dub WarriorsDub Fusion
ARILP 147Moroccan SunriseBorrah
ARILP 148Global MessengerMacka B
ARILP 151Ariwa Lovers Rock Volume 1Various Artists
ARILP 152If I Gave My Heart To YouJohn McLean
ARILP 153Rasta MysticStarkey Banton
ARILP 155Trix In The MixMad Professor
ARILP 156Dem Get Me Mad!Zakeya
ARILP 157Love ClinicLove Clinic
ARILP 160At The Soundtable Of Dub At Ariwa Sounds Studios!!!Mad Professor meets Scientist
ARILP 162Problem ChildJayzik
ARILP 163Sci Fi-Dub Series Part 1 – From Mars With DubMad Professor & Mafia & Fluxy
ARILP 165The Upsetter Live!! ..The Truth As It Happens!! Part 1Lee "Scratch" Perry
ARILP 166The Dub RevolutionariesSly & Robbie feat. Dean Fraser
ARILP 167Dancehall DubCrazy Caribs
ARILP 168From The RootsHorace Andy
ARILP 169True GuidanceChukki Starr
ARILP 170Wake UpEarl 16
ARILP 171There’s More To LifeAisha
ARILP 172Heading For The EastBongo Kanny
ARILP 173Lyrics Tricks & PoliticsPapa Levi
ARILP 174A New Galaxy Of Dub (Sci Fi Part 2)Mafia & Fluxy
ARILP 175The Next Revolution Will Be DubwiseSly & Robbie
ARILP 176Pocomania SongsMax Romeo
ARILP 177Rewired For Dub feat. Horace AndyMad Professor & Joe Ariwa
ARILP 178Ariwa Sounds 81 SessionsVarious Artists
ARILP 179Ariwa Sounds 82 SessionsVarious Artists
ARILP 180Early DubsMad Professor
ARILP 181Servant Of Jah ArmyQueen Omega
ARILP 182Computer WorldJayzik
ARILP 196Lovers InterludeSandra Cross
ARILP 200Roots Reality part 1Various Artists
ARILP 201Roots Reality part 2Various Artists
ARILP 202Dub RealityVarious Artists
ARILP 203Soul To ReggaeVarious Artists
ARILP 204Soul To Reggae (part 2)Various Artists
ARILP 205Old School / New RulesU-Roy
ARILP 206Dub You Crazy 2007!!Mad Professor
ARILP 208Warrior StyleMacka B
ARILP 209Dub Tech DubJoe Ariwa
ARILP 210Dub Of Jihad/ Rewired To Dub (part 2)Mad Professor & Joe Ariwa
ARILP 211Babylon Kingdom Of Dub / Rewired To Dub (part 3)Mad Professor & Joe Ariwa
ARILP 21282 SessionsVarious Artists
ARILP 21383 Sessions / Year By YearVarious Artists
ARILP 21484 Sessions / Year By YearVarious Artists
ARILP 215Sex, Violence & DrugsRasites
ARILP 2162 Sides Of SusanSusan Cadogan
ARILP 217Bitter Sweet Dub – Dub You Crazy With Love (part. 3)Mad Professor
ARILP 218Feminine TouchVarious Artists
ARILP 219Bamjimba vs Joe Ariwa
ARILP 220The Dubs That Time ForgotMad Professor
ARILP 221Joe Ariwa meets Young WarriorJoe Ariwa & Young Warrior
ARILP 222On Route To The ClimaxKarMelody
ARILP 223Alika meets Mad ProfessorAlika & Mad Professor
ARILP 224So Much Trouble In The WorldTroublesome 
ARILP 225Audio Illusions Of Dub!!!Mad Professor
ARILP 226Microphone StandVarious Artists
ARILP 227Aloha Ariwa HawaiiMad Professor & Ariwa Artists
ARILP 228Dubstep DubJoe Ariwa & The Trixsters
ARILP 229Funk Me HarderThe Trixsters
ARILP 230Ariwa Posse Rides AgainVarious Artists
ARILP 231Dub HouseKarMelody
ARILP 232Volcanic Dub (Sci Fi part 3) feat. Joe AriwaMafia & Fluxy / Mad Professor
ARILP 233Ariwa Singles 2008: Part 1Various Artists
ARILP 234Ariwa Singles 2008: Part 2Various Artists
ARILP 235Ariwa Singles 2008: Part 3Various Artists
ARILP 236Dub DuoDennis Bovell & Joe Ariwa
ARILP 237Stylistics in ReggaeVarious Artists
ARILP 238Valentines ReggaeVarious Artists
ARILP 239Eccentric Dubbb!!! (Dubstep Dub pt 2)Joe Ariwa & The Trixsters 
ARILP 240Nelson Mandela: African Dub ExcursionVarious Artists
ARILP 241Haunted Halloween DubRobotiks
ARILP 242Black History AwarenessVarious Artists
ARILP 243Valentines Reggae part 2Various Artists
ARILP 244Ariwa Back To Africa (30th Anniversary)The Robotiks
ARILP 245The Roots Of DubstepMad Professor
ARILP 246London’s BurningVarious Artists
ARILP 247In The Chamber Of Dub!!!General Levy & Joe Ariwa
ARILP 248Cedric Congo meets Mad ProfessorCedric Congo & Mad Professor
ARILP 249I’am What I’amRedhed
ARILP 250DeliveranceLuciano
ARILP 251A ruff guide to ariwa soundsVarious Artists
ARILP 252Samba DubMad Professor
ARILP 253Mad Professor and the Robotiks featuring Macka B (In Bilbao)
ARILP 254Mad Professor and The Robotiks featuring Yabby You (In Bilbao)
ARILP 255The Secret FilesBrother Culture & Joe Ariwa
ARILP 256Still PushingRandy Valentine
ARILP 257Pastafari DubMiss Fritty 
ARILP 258Black Songs MatterVarious Artists
ARILP 259A Double Dose of DubAshanti Selah & Joe Ariwa
ARILP 260Dub O TronicMad Professor
ARILP 261Dub Ripe FruitsElijah / Raging Fyah
ARILP 262Techno PartyLee "Scratch" Perry
ARILP 263Techno Party DubLee "Scratch" Perry & Mad Professor
ARILP 264Reggae UnitedVarious Artists
ARILP 265Where Is The Love?Chukki Starr
ARILP 266Trench Town GirlSharon Tucker
ARILP 267Queen MajestyAjay Franklin
ARILP 268From The Roots -DISCOMIX- by Lee KellyHorace Andy
ARILP 269The First Lady Of DubAisha
ARILP 270Be Conscious & WiseGeneral Levy & Joe Ariwa
ARILP 271Talking RootsU-Roy
ARILP 272Pan AfricanistPanafricanist
ARILP 273Electro Dub ClubbingMad Professor
ARILP 274From The Vaults of AriwaDubheart
ARILP 275Dubbing with AnansiMad Professor
ARILP 276Luciano at Ariwa StudiosLuciano
ARILP 277S.O.SCarroll Thompson
ARILP 278Mad Professor on the controls -DISCOMIX- by Lee Kelly
ARILP 279Black Ark ClassicsLee "Scratch" Perry & Mad Professor
ARILP 280Black Ark Classic In DubLee "Scratch" Perry & Mad Professor
ARILP 281Mad Professor vs Channel OneChannel One & Mad Professor
ARILP 282Mad Professor vs Channel One (part 2)
ARILP 283JahoviaYabby You
ARILP 284So UnitedMad Professor presents Canita
ARILP 285420 DubVarious Artists
ARILP 286Hard Food & Fresh JuiceRedhed
ARILP 287See Me ComingSherii Ven Dyer
ARILP 288Sons of DubJoe Ariwa / Ashanti Selah
ARILP 289Queens Of Ariwa (part 1)Various Artists
ARILP 290Songs of ArethaVarious Artists
ARILP 291Mad Professor meets GaudiMad Professor
ARILP 292Adam Prescott meets Joe AriwaAdam Prescott & Joe Ariwa
ARILP 294Lost dubs from the 80’sLee "Scratch" Perry & Mad Professor
ARILP 295Missing Dubs found!!Lee "Scratch" Perry & Mad Professor
ARILP 296Mother EarthMother Nature
ARILP 297Sistren Songs & DubAlika & Mad Professor
ARILP 298Ariwa Lovers Rock (volume one)Various Artists
ARILP 299The Next Generation Of DubJoe Ariwa
ARILP 300Armageddon TimeSister Nancy
ARILP 301Kings of AriwaVarious Artists
ARILP 302Inna Me BloodNadine Sutherland
ARILP 303Revolution / Show A Little MercyLukie D
ARILP 304Rainbow CityBig Youth
ARILP 30540 Years Of DubMad Professor
ARILP 306Ariwa SoulVarious Artists
ARILP 307Ariwa Soul (part 2)Various Artists
ARILP 308Early Lovers RockVarious Artists
ARILP 309Sister to Sisters (Roots Daughters 5)Roots Daughters
ARILP 31040 Years of Dub (part 2) The first Dubs are the DeepestMad Professor
ARILP 311Silver & GoldXan Tyler
ARILP 312Susan Cadogan : DUB SHOWCASESusan Cadogan
ARILP 316Ariwa Riddims 2016Mad Professor
ARILP 317Ariwa Riddims 2017Mad Professor
ARILP 318Ariwa Riddims 2018Mad Professor
ARILP 319Ariwa Riddims 2019Mad Professor
ARILP 320Covidub Illusion - Dub you crazy 2022Mad Professor
ARILP 321 (digital)RebellionRebel Lion
ARILP 322Black AttackMutabaruka
ARILP 323Roots Radics meets Mad ProfessorRoots Radics / Mad Professor

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Catalogue NumberAlbum TitleArtist
ARILP 297Sistren Songs & DubAlika & Mad Professor
ARILP 300ArmegeddonSister Nancy
ARILP 307Ariwa Soul (part 2)Various Artists
ARILP 308Early Lovers RockVarious Artists
ARILP 309Sister to Sisters (Roots Daughters 5)Roots Daughters
ARILP 310B Sides & Other Sides (40 Years of Dub part 2)Mad Professor
ARILP 311Silver & GoldXan Tyler
ARILP 312Susan Cadogan : DUB SHOWCASE

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